Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some Pics of Connor-What a handsome guy!


Anonymous said...

I have some thoughts for you and your family; maybe some things to try that will help. I am a teacher and have seen this happen so many time. I am one of those who would say, "Impossible he/she is perfect here at school." Is your email listed anywhere on your site and I will drop you a note personally.

Hugs and prayers coming your way.


Sorry for being anonymous but I don't like putting my name and stuff out there. I don't often sign publically like this either but your post make me cry. Lots and lots of luck.

Fiona said...

This sounds so much like my son, I really thought he was autistic,he had testing done with a pediatrition and it was found he has childhood depression,I was very shocked at this, he also is in a special school as he struggles at school and has an intellectual disability,that is only with his reading and writing,hands on stuff he is really good with,he is very prone to being angry,doesnt listen,a danger to himself and others with his fearless attitude when he goes off with his temper and does things spontaniously,BUT he is very loving,caring, perfect at school, a different child in fact I even wondered if I was doing something wrong,but its not that,its just he is suffering from depression as he finds a lot of things hard to cope with,,,,,, no idea if any of this can help you but if this sounds familiar a pediatrition might be the answer for him.,,hugs Fiona