Thursday, April 17, 2008

Childhood Memories

I opened up an email from my sister Lisa last night and before my eyes we were little girls again. It was a nice moment-I am guessing here but I think were were 3 and 6 (me being the tall older sister-she was always so short I towered over her for years). We are in front of our grandparents home that was torn down within the last 4 years. I was the agent who listed it and sold it-the location is now a dentist office.(I guess the file is too large to upload so I can't share the first one of us??) She sent me two other pics that also took me back. both were taken in Arkansas where my other set of grandparents lived. The one with the horse is with my Grandpa who loved his tennessee walker horses. Notice my sweet sister is sticking out her tongue! The other picture was taken at Dogpatch USA sometime in the late 60's. My mom (love the glasses), my sister and I with our corncob pipes-lol, and my beautiful grandma and great-grandma-I don't actually remember this picture being taken but I do remember so many special times in Arkansas. I was very close to my Grandma and spent 2 weeks each summer up until I was 14 or so with them. Miss them all so much! Thanks to my sister Lisa for sending me the photos! I love them.
Keep Imagining!

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