Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tough Day-April 24th

Today was a tough day emotionally-my grandpa Rousselo is in a nursing home and has suffered from Alzheimers for 5 + years. His journey here are earth is coming to an end. We as his family have been at his bedside all day, evening and now into the night. Taylor came home from college to be with us and her and I just came home after probably saying our last goodbyes. My mom, Grandma and Aunt remain at the nursing home. Hospice has been visitng him for months. They are amazing. A hospice nurse was in while I was there-she explained the process of death to us in a very truthful. clear and comforting way. My granfather is in the window of time where God is waiting for him but it is up to him when he will let go of his body and let his soul fly. It is so difficult to see in in the state he is now-his body is shutting down and he is so so thin. As I sit here typing I am wondering when I will recieve the call tonight or if it will be tommorow. I don't want it to be today-April 24th this the day my Dad passed away 5 years ago. How can that possibly happen? I dread the date each year-and now another death upon that day. Sounds pretty selfish huh? When they who have passed are the ones who are in or are going into the Kingdom of Heaven. God Speed Grandpa...Miss you every day Daddy!!!
Keep Imagining!

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