Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Doctor Appointments

Update: tonight we found out there has been a snafu made and the paperwork for us to have health care coverage for 90 days after active duty hasn't happened. Imagine that?? Not sure if I am going to my dr. appt. tomorrow and if the appt. I had last week and my lab work is now going to cost us a fortune. Praying all will be straightened out with a couple simple phone calls in early am.UGGGH
Rodney had an important dr. appt. today. He needed to have the dr. fill out a form with questions about his abilities and if he could handle the physical issues of being deployed in a war zone. I just spoke with Rod and he said the dr. put no for most of the answers. He also raised the dosage on Rodney's blood pressure medicine since it is running even higher now. We now send this information from the dr. to those making deployment decisions and such. I won't say what I think will or should happen because I don't think the same way as the powers that be. Just another step In the process after medhold. there is a meeting scheduled next week with a American Legion Rep who will give us better insight into what the VA will rate Rodney's disability at and help with filing some paperwork. Just so many balls to keep in the air to make sure we are contacting the correct departments, individuals and filling out the correct paperwork.
Dr. appts seem to be a theme for this week..I have a dr. appt. tommorow and some really unpleasant tests on Friday (colonoscopy and endoscopy)...but then I have a massage appt. on Saturday (that is a big plus!) Thanks for checking in!
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