Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday, Topeka, Turkey and a Tattoo

Back to normal life??? Rodney and I spent most of this dreary rainy day in Topeka -during our drive up we came very very close to hitting a wild turkey on the way-I barely even caught a glimpse of it from the passenger seat-I just saw a dark figure flying by and Rod yelling turkey!! I didn't even get that stomach in the throat deal when startled-no time. Pretty weird=so glad the turkey was faster than our car because my husband informed me that if we had hit it we would stopped and put it in the back of the SUV-I don't think so! We went to Topeka to visit Taylor at school and handle some college financial aid red tape. We had lunch at a place called Huhot(?)- really good food and actually kinda fun after you receive the complicated go thru the line and put your uncooked meat, noodles, veggies and at least 5 ladles of your choice of about 20 sauces-then you hand your bowl to the "cook warriors" and they fix it all up right in front of you-you have to stay in line in the same order in the circle so you get your correct mixture of food....whew-a lot of work and a little stressful for me. I was worried I wouldn't even like my "mixture"-I guess it is a trial and error deal... Plus there was pictures of Ginguss Kohn all around-I don't think he is considered a nice mascot for anything.-It was nice to spend time with Taylor..We found out little things going on in her college life we wouldn't have otherwise-and it is probably for the best she shared some of it while I was in a public place-Really all is ok! Next we went to the Tattoo parlor so Rodney could get his tattoo! He has wanted this particular one but the cost was a little high and it would've needed to be drawn up-so he will wait for another time for the eagle one- today he had the crown of thorns with a heart and cross put around his left arm-he acted like it didn't hurt at all until we got outside-then it was really bad-poor guy is even bruised underneath his arm on the tender flesh-ouch! It is going to look so good when it is healed. It means a lot to him and he was very brave. Taylor and I had a good time looking at all the tattoo possibilities-who would have thought I would be hanging out at the tattoo parlor with my daughter (actually this is the second time...mmm she was with me when I got mine 2 years ago)mmm...I think I will stop for now before I bring my parenting skills into question.. she is almost 19 now and I did buy her groceries! I will post a pic of Rodney's newest addition as well as Taylor's-she got her's a couple weeks ago (without me).
Keep Imagining!

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