Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Price Update

I know it has been a week.. thought I would get on here and tell you all just some of the daily things that have been goin on..
1. I think Spring has finally sprung here in Kansas (and I do mean FINALLY)..It was in the 70's yesterday and very spring like today-WOOOOHOOOOOO!

2. Carley played a part in her high school theater production of "Peter Pan" last weekend-she was a pirate and made us laugh! The weekend prior her youth group held a spaghetti dinner and art auction to raise money for their mission trip in June. They are going to Philly! She has been competing in forensic tournaments with her duet partner-they finished up the season Monday night with third place. They didn't qualify for state much to Carley's disappointment but they are determined to do it as sophomores next year! She has regional band contest today. Carley is actually complaining about having nothing coming up to do-I told her she could take a week and dig out of the clutter in her room :) Plus it will be nice to see her smiling face around here more often! She actually starts lifeguard training at the end of the month for her summer job, so it won't slow down for long.

3. Connor is still playing in his competition soccer league but they are back outdoors. Their game and practices last week were cancelled due to weather but hopefully that will get better! They have a tournament coming up here next weekend.
He is also playing baseball and practices have just started. He is playing for Park and Rec. instead of competition this year for a couple different reasons. He will hopefully have a FUN season! School is still going good for him. They have their DARE graduation next week. Connor is still taking guitar lessons as well as getting involved with the youth group at church. He is growing up fast-needs new cleats for both soccer and baseball. We measured his height the other day and he is 5ft. 1in. with a month still to go until his 11th birthday. I can see our grocery bill increasing right before my eyes! We finally got his room cleaned up and clothes he had outgrown taken out of the drawers and closet. Taylor took him shopping recently-to Aebecromie for Kids-they came home with some cute shirts, shorts and a jacket-now he wants to wear the same outfits everyday....and his sister has exposed him to more expensive fashion-she is so proud. :)

4. Taylor will finish up her 1 year of college here in the next month, most likely changing majors. She plans on living in campus apartments next year instead of the dorms. We will have so much to move back home in a couple weeks-not looking so much to that. Where to put it all!!!! I am looking forward to seeing her everyday. Taylor will be turning 19 in May-I am wanting to take her on a trip to Chicago-trying to see if it is possible with her final schedule, my nephews graduation, end of school activities for the other 2 and that we can afford it. She has wnated to go forever to shop and see a couple shows! She will also be working at the aquatic center this summer. This will be her 5th summer! She will be a lifeguard and also work as one of the asst. managers. She said "I will be Carley's boss!" Connor's first thought was-Oh no I will have 2 sisters working at the pool! Taylor and her boyfriend Bryan have been dating for almost 3 years now-he is good to her and they seem to compliment each other.

5. Rodney hasn't went back to work yet. Loose ends to tie up and just taking a breather. He seems to be making some good contacts to figure out some of the issues with disability and medical follow-up. He has an appt. with a case manager with the VA tomorrow. He is wrestling with a couple decisions pertaining to the military. He bought a new mower and weed-eater-with spring here he can have some fun in the yard maintenance area-(he hates yard work!!!)

6. Me-Went to the Doc yesterday for more blood tests (Glucose tolerance test). My doctor is leaning towards diabetes-scary stuff! I just want an answer to all the symptoms I have been dealing with for a while now. It has really affected my quality of life in what I can get done and my energy level. I just try and get something accomplished everyday so I can not feel like I am a slug. A long stretch from when I was doing most at 120 percent! No matter what exercise and diet have to come into play-if I could just get started :( I will be starting on my nephew Ethan's senior memory slide show in the next couple days-I love doing them and want his to be special. I am still hoping that purchasing a house will happen this summer-purchase prices are so reasonable right now. I know the economy is not the best right now but for a buyer it is a good time-still pretty cautious though-I don't want to get stuck with a home if we get a chance to move to a better climate. Just have to pray and listen to what God has in store!
Enough for later-my camera batteries are dead.

Keep Imagining!

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