Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feeling Unpopular!!!

Ok this may be silly and very high school but I feel very UNPOPULAR right now-It is like no one wants to sign my yearbook type feeling-I haven't had my regular commentors-Where are you ladies???

I also put up a deal to follow my blog-no followers-how sad!!! and depressing!!! and....Ok now I am whining (and begging!!!)

I need some love people!!!

Trying to Keep Imagining!


Dana said...

I am here, I am here! Sometimes my stinking life gets in the way of the important my blogging addiction and reading blogs. I have got to get myself together!

By the way, I am number 1. The very first. Yay!

Karen said...

I am here also

Laura ~Peach~ said...

me here too... you are in my blog roll thats why i have not added to follow but... will do so if it will make you smile :)
hugs ...

Ness said...

I'm sorry, Tracy. It's been a wild ride here this weekend. You are in my blog roll so I keep up...I just have been lagging the last few days.

Amy said...

I'm here too! I know how you feel girl. I hope you have a great week. Matt's out of town till Friday and I have my lovely colonoscopy Wednesday. My mother-in-law will be driving me in the morning and after it's finished. I have friends bringing dinner that evening. I'm getting a bit nervous. I'm going to tell my doctor that if I wake-up during the procedure I will kick his a**!!
We finally got some cool weather here in St.Pete...highs in the low 60's. I love it when it's cool but not cold.
love ya

Tracy said...

Thank you-I have followers!
I am not avoiding blogging just realy busy with a project for an event I am hosting on Sunday.

Love ya all