Monday, November 3, 2008


Connor's Halloween costume??? Not sure what he was other than a kid with a painted face. Rodney was in charge of Connor for Halloween since I went to the High School Football game. He ended up going to a no CANDY!!! What the heck is that about??? After 20 years of trick or treating-it ended with no piles of candy on the floor and mom and dad trying out the pieces that might be tampered with-LOL. Guess we will have to buy our own next year??
Sorry no pictures available of Connor's UN-costume!See he was supposed to be a NERD-and would have made such a cute nerd boy! Note the glasses we bought and took out the lenses. Funny thing is this last week he finally was allowed to get contacts-so no more getting the glasses knocked off by the soccer ball in games-he is beyond thrilled. He has been so responsible about taking care of them which was a worry for me-so glad we waited but also glad he finally has them. Note the soccer picture above-NO GLASSES! plus the boy is getting SOOO tall and his voice is getting so deep-not my baby boy so much anymore.

Taylor went to my nephews Halloween Party on Sat.-her first time out since the BREAK UP!
She so deserved to have fun and she did. She is on the mend-one day at a time.
She was a beautiful and pretty darn hot go-go girl! (she has lost 20 lbs.since the break-up-not the diet recommended for all but it is a perk that has come out of something earth shattering.

Meet Bonnie and her Clyde...They look like the real deal only cuter. Isn't her costume the best! The dress and shoes she borrowed from her step-mom, the hat we bought at the mall-add some curls, jewelry, a purse with $ and a gun-like magic she is transformed into Bonnie Parker! Don't you Love Halloween! (they had their Halloween Party on Sat.)

The Friday night of Halloween was our hometown's High School Football last home game. We won 45 -0 and will be playing next week for the regional title.WOOhoo!

Taylor was having a very difficult day emotionally-she is doing well most days but it is a process and momma is hanging in there with her as long as she needs me too. Anyway..her and I went to the game to watch Carley perform in the band color guard. Taylor was able to spend sometime talking to her former dance team coaches (thank you Ashley and Alli!) as well as making some contact with old high school friends. I was so thrilled to see her smile!!!

The band did an awesome job. I didn't get any still pics but took video I will share later. The band did a 5th quarter light show that was so cool but not easy to photograph-just had to be there I guess?? I did get a pic of Carley and her BF Chris before they hit the field in the dark.

What is the heck is that picture doing here????

Can you guess what this is????

It is a YUMMY TREAT disguised as a TRICK!

I found this cake on a recipe site and just had to make it.(insert evil laugh)! I made it for my nephew Zach's Halloween Party on Saturday (which yes was actually after Halloween but the party fun carried over an extra day.

I heard from Taylor that everyone enjoyed my delicious, but disgusting cake.

I so enjoyed making it! Lots of work but worth it.

I didn't get to try it but my mom and sister were grossed out-YES!!!!

I hope you Halloween Weekend was fun, spooky and a little bit Gross :)

Keep Imagining

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Alice said...

That cake?!?!?!? Totally fooled me. I was wondering why you were taking pictures of your cat's litter box (and why you weren't scooping!!!) hahahaha. Glad baby-girl is getting better. It takes time. It just takes time. My heart breaks for her - I know she hurts...but tell her there are so many of us who have been there! And I can tell you - my broken engagement turned out to be one of the best things that happened to me. I ended up marrying someone SO much more worthy!!