Monday, November 24, 2008


OK I can tell you all about my SECRET BIG project!!! (I haven't been able to check blogs or even update like I wanted to).

I have been so busy planning this huge 16th Hollywood style Surprise party for my daughter Carley-it was so much work getting all her friends invited via email, phone calls and word of mouth, since I was afraid she was some how see a paper invitation, getting the food, cake and decorations ordered, getting the fab location (an old theater they rent out our which was PERFECT), putting together a slide show to premier on the big screen starring Carley of course, coming up with party clothes for all the family, LYING to my daughter countless times to keep the party under wraps, planning reason we were all dressing up (going out to a fancy french restaurant-which we never do) and coming up with a DJ play list! I am exhausted!!! Surprising her was so much stress :) plus Carley is usually my side-kick when it comes to planning parties and events. I used to do this for a living-but I am a huge perfectionist and wanted things to go flawless. Everything went really well-small hurdles such as my panty hose running at the last minute (I hate hose and don't usually where them anymore-now I know why!!) Other than that everything went smoothly...

Thank goodness for all my helpers-my mom, Taylor and Connor especially! My sister and step-dad, Rodney and Carley's friends Chris, Danielle and Gabby. Thanks to all for keeping the secret-SHE WAS SURPRISED!!!!
It was all worth every minute and dollar spent just to see her face when she came in and walked the red carpet to see all her fans and then to have such a good time dancing and celebrating.
I hope she will forever remember her 16th Birthday WEEK as amazing! (It has seemed this blog is about Carley lately-promise it will move on to other topics :)

Enjoy the slide show! I am off to eat some leftover party food and take a big NAP!!!! :)

Click to play Carley's goes HOLLYWOOD
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Trying to Keep Imagining!


Dana said...

Oh wow! That looks great! The cake was gorgeous and what a great idea to have it at an old theater! I am just speechless at how wonderful it all looked! Seems she had a great time and that is great! Good job, Mom!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

how wonderfully cool! what a great party I am hopeless at doing things like that... wish you were here in GA I could enlist your aid... martha will be 17 on friday :)

jojo said...

WOW, that was fantastic! You really pulled it off T. That had to take some major very glad it worked out. You may now take a deep breath and a nap...;)

Amy said...

You are such a cool mom!! That party looked like so much fun. I'm pretty sure that she will never forget her sweet 16, she looks so happy.
great job!!!