Monday, November 10, 2008

A Good Veterans Day Video

Click on the link below-this guy is amazing. What a HUGE Thank you to Veterans!
This gentleman gets it-it's not about the expense or the amount of money he spent on giving these wounded vets and spouses/companions an "at ease" from their daily struggles-yes struggles-something everyone might have, but for the wounded vet not the same thing in most cases-it is one of those only if you have been there experiences. These wounded vets go to their "job"-working for ALL the American citizens-get injured and have to fight the system to get their wounds physical and emotional taken care of. How many civilian jobs could treat their employees like that? In fact how many civilian jobs get Veteran's Day off?Bank, city and county jobs, fed. govt. jobs??? Is it a "holiday" they really think about why it exists?-my guess is the majority not. Sorry for sounding so angry-but I am. I am tired of feeling I have to keep my mouth shut and I can't have an opinion. I do have a very strong opinion about this particular topic-I have that right for a reason besides the obvious, the most significant one being I am a citizen of the United States of America. Free speech...Land of the Free...because of every solider, marine, air force member, coast guard and member of the navy. God Bless them all!

Trying to Keep Imagining!


Tessa said...

I second that -'God bless them all'! Wonderfully written blog, so eloquent and with a lovely thread of warmth and humor. And, most of all, I admire your fortitude in the face of what has happened to a beloved family. I'm so pleased I discovered you through the Black Box.

Today is Rememberance Day here in England - Armistice Day. Remembrance Day and the Two Minute Silence have been observed since the end of the First World War, but their relevance remains undiminished. When we bow our heads in reflection, we remember those who fought for our freedom during the two World Wars. But we also mourn and honour those who have lost their lives or who were physically and maybe mentally wounded in more recent conflicts. Today, with American and British troops on duty in Iraq, Afghanistan and other trouble spots around the world, Remembrance, and this two minute tribute, are as important as ever.

(It's interesting to note that an American poet, Moira Michael, was the first person ever to wear a red poppy in remembrance.)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Ok I checked I only thought about commenting last night... I know when I am super tired to just pray and come back later...

one thing I have decided a while back on my blog was that it is my blog and what ever I choose to put on it goes on it... it is my blog and my place to vent to share and to simply be me. there is one post about my daughter and what all happened with her that I add to once in a while that I set up as a scheduled post for 2035 or something like that so it is there for me to read or add to but no one else sees it.

one thing that totally confuses and baffles me is people... and how they think about freedom ... it floors me that they do not seem to realise that MEN and WOMEN from the beginning of time have FOUGHT and died to give us that freedom. There are so many in my family tree who have ensured that I can live this wonderful FREE life with all its problems and baloney that comes my way I still would not trade it to live anywhere else on the planet...

anyway this is a subject I could rant on for ever... Our veterans deserve so much more than they get from our country and I hope and pray our country never ever forgets because the price is so much higher than realised ...

PS come on move to GA :) there are tons of homes here just waiting!

Amy said...

First of all I want to wish your entire family a Happy Vetern's Day. I look at you and the family as vets too. You have all given so much to our wonderful country. You deserve to stand proud and not have to fight so hard for everything.
Growing up I was raised to respect our vets. My grandpa was in World War ll and my dad and uncle went to Vietnam. The war really screwed up my uncle and dad. They weren't injured physically but it sure did a number on their minds. My dad was on the front lines and put the dead in body bags. My dad was never there for us and left when I was 6 months old. I think that his mind is still there in so many ways. He has had so many health issues over the years, at least 4 different types of cancer. Not only that but he came back a junkie like my uncle. My uncle lost so much too. I wonder what life would have been like if they weren't so broken?
My grandparent were very involed with the American Legion and VFW. I spent many holidays at both places and would go with grandma to put flags on vets graves. Grandma was evena past ladies president at the Legion. She used to go everyday to both places.
I was catching up on your blogs this morning. That must have been so scarry watching Connor bust his head. I'm so glad that he's ok. He will have a great story to tell his kids one day.
I need to get the kids up for school. I'm going to remind them why today is so special too.
Sending some Florida sunshine and lots of love to you all!!
Please tell Rodney thank you from us.