Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Votes Are Counted-

What I think...If you care :)

Today is a new day-the election results are in and we have a new president. No matter how we voted or if our chosen candidate won or lost we as a nation must move forward together. We have so many issues to resolve and there will be new ones coming down the pike but we are the United States of America-we have to stick together and support each other-the alternative is something that will only push us into being a country spending all our energy and resources fighting among ourselves. We are a country where freedom is taken for granted-we need to recognize how very lucky and blessed we are.
The color of a man's skin did not make a difference in this election nor should it have ever-I couldn't help wondering last night about the famous speech "I Have A Dream"-Martin Luther King must be so proud! This coming from a white girl in the mid-west who was born in the 1960's and always had such a difficult time even imagining the laws that treated people of color as unequals. My children do not even see the color of people's skin as a difference-that has to be a good thing.
We have changed. We are still changing. Our President elect is not only African-American he is Caucasian-he is bi-racial. That is how I see him-not black or white but a man who hopefully will serve our great nation and lead us into a new era of prosperity and peace. Remember though he is only human-it takes all of us to make a true change-from every person, family, church, community and on up-we have to be willing to do our part, we cannot just sit back and wait for him to mess up or succeed. We have to be a part of change.

Yesterday the people spoke-now the hard work begins!

*That was much longer a post than I ancipated and hopefully not too much of a speech on a soapbox.

*I am celebrating no more political ads-(no one can argue with that can they??)

God Bless the USA!

Trying to Keep Imagining!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

very true!

Amy said...

I agree with you 100%, we need to support our Country and our President. The times are changing and hopefully for the better. It doesn't matter who we voted for, we only elected one man and I am choosing to support him. We've been very vocal with our kids about the election and who we were supporting and why. We also told them that whom ever wins we will support that person.
I hope you have a great evening.
love from Florida

jojo said...

God Bless us one and all ;) I agree with you...beautiful post.

Alice said...

Very nicely put!