Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Past

Taylor Victoria's first Christmas-1989 age 7 months (she had been so sick for about 2 months)
Carley's first Christmas (age 1 month) with big sis Taylor (3 1/2)

Connor and his first visit with Santa-age 6 1/2 months (he cried right after this pic)

Connor and Carley with Santa-approx. 2000
age 3 age 7

Wanted to add these just to remind me why I breathe! Good memories!

Trying to Keep Imagining!


Ness said...

Love the pics of the kids. Memories keep us going, don't they?

I'm catching up on your blog. Glad you got into the counselor you wanted. And I understand about rooting for Rodney to succeed. You still love him. BUT you love him ENOUGH to allow him to not destroy you and the kids and to give himself a chance to want to do this for himself. I grew up in a family of mother, aunts, grandparents...I never allowed them to take my life nor took on their lives. Trust me when I say that doing what you're doing, standing up to Rodney's present life style and not letting it become yours is the best thing you could do for yourself and your kids. None of us are promised the next minute, much less the next day. Live in the moment. I'm so glad you're getting away this weekend. I've never told anyone else this, but I had a fiance who was in the Army when I was 18 and he suddenly stopped communicating. I couldn't find out what happened to him. I nearly lost my mind and my life. Ten years ago I found him and come to find out, we both went through hell because as I could not find out anything about him, he couldn't find out anything about father had been intercepting his letters to me and the ones I wrote my father saw to it they weren't mailed. After a while, we both stopped writing. We each went on to marry, have kids, etc. and are friends now. To this day, I suffer the PTSD of that time in my life, still have the nightmares, etc. So I can somewhat understand what you went through with Rodney being gone and the uncertainty of it all. I'm proud of all that you're doing for youself and keeping you in my daily prayers.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

ahhh they are so adorable :)