Monday, December 15, 2008

Playing Catch up

I wanted to get on and say we made it back from Oklahoma intact! Norman was a busy place this weekend-lots of school spirit with OU just winning the big 12 and now Sam Bradford winning the Heisman!

It was such nice weather on Sat.-66 degrees!!! We looked at about 4 apartments-I think she has decided on one. I had to put my mom/real estate agent (I was one for 6 years) hats. Sometimes she didn't like to hear what I had to say-she is just so excited to move I don't think she is thinking too clearly. Then I remember being 19! I knew it all too. All I can do is pray all will work out for her, help where she will let me and (the hard part) let her make mistakes. I find myself even setting y boundaries more now with her. Not sure what the move date is or where she plans on going to cosmetology school??

Saturday night Taylor went to a "tacky" Christmas sweater party-she wore one of my sweaters-It has snowmen on it! I didn't think it was that bad! :) She had a good time and I spent time trying to relax-got to watch a flat screen and I was in control of the remote!

Busy week ahead...
I have a dr. appt. to have blood drawn tomorrow am to re-check my liver enzymes that were high as well as have my cholesterol checked since I had to go off the medication. I am still having tummy issues (problem is I was supposed to go have a ultra sound of my gallbladder and well..never did). I am horrible about taking care of me! I am going to try and be much more diligent about it. Have to take the car in for service (way past due!) and then I have my therapy appt. (YEAH!) I hope to get some final Christmas shopping done too! I did some while in OK-but most I did on-line. Last minute things or hard to find things-not into shopping this year either.

Taylor is done with her college classes, Carley has her high school finals this week and Connor's last day is the 18th. (My birthday is also the 18th-but that is going to be just another day I think) We are planning on going out to dinner-Red Lobster-seafood sounded good.
On the evening of the 17th (I am so excited!)-I am taking the kids to see the "Christmas Carol" at the Missouri Rep. Theater. First time for them-they all love theater so should be fun. I saw the production there many years ago. I hope it will make me "catch" the spirit of the season.
I am looking forward to Christmas eve service as well!

I need to get on and catch up on all your blogs. I don't think I will be sending Christmas Cards out but I might-so please send me your home
address by email just in case.
One last thing before I go to bed since tomorrow is a really full day and the weather is supposed to be crappy!

I heard through my sister Lisa that my half-sister, Sheri, who is 34 had a stroke Sat. and is in ICU. She lives in Arkansas with my step-mom. She has 4 kids-5-16 years old. two live with her and the older two live down the street from me. I am asking for prayers that she have a full recovery. I don't know many of the details as her and I are estranged. That sounds so weird for me to even say that. I can say there has been a lot of water under the bridge since my dad died 5 years ago. Sheri has many medical issues as well as emotional ones. I don't wish her any ill will I just can't have her in my life-it is too painful and she sucks the life out of me. Enough said-just say a prayer if you feel the desire too.

Thanks everyone.. I will update soon and post pics of the tree!
I need to start wrapping soon!!! UGH! Then there is the baking-me and the kids do usually enjoy the baking! I hope we get some time to do it this year-Christmas is coming quick!

Trying to Keep Imagining!


jojo said... packed alot into that post!
It sounds like the trip to OK worked out well. Glad you two had some time together...hopefully that is progress for both of you.
I remember taking my daughter to look for apts. in Arizona when she was leaving for was a mess...she and I were not getting along and I was just a wreck about her moving 2,000 miles away, and we didn't know anything about the area. I spent alot of time was not a pleasant experience but she did fine and all worked out well in the end. She made alot of new friends that she still has today (ten years later) and I survived. I even have the gray hair to prove it ;)
Hope all goes well at the doctor. Get the tests done Tracy..if you can take care of your car you can take care of yourself right?

The Muse said...

WOW you are indeed running a race...hope you can find to breathe relax and get inspired!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

what a lot of stuff happening...Take care of you! to a person under 25 anything we have is tacky...Hopefully I wont forget but incase I suffer a brain lapse HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and enjoy going out to the play and to dinner it sounds fun!
Hugs Laura

Ness said...

Wow Tracy, I'm tired just reading what Tracy the Energizer Bunny is and will be up to!

Seriously, I'm so happy you are able to put one foot in front of the other and carry on. It's all we can do. Prayers for your half sister. God knows the needs.

Now promise me you'll follow up on that gallbladder and any other tests. Don't make me have to go all Mom on you! lol

Laura ~Peach~ said...

and since my brain is not firing on all cylinders yet...thoughts and prayers for your sister too...
hugs Laura

Dana said...

Sounds like a good trip! Definitely take care of you. I had trouble with my gallbladder for quite a while before I finally had it looked at and removed. Life is so much better without that horrid pain!

I hope your sister will be okay!