Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Holiday Greeting...

A little something to help get my Christmas spirit going and a shout out to all my blog readers and friends. I wanted to do this for a contest but I think I was too late-so it turned out well and I needed to get the holiday creative juices flowing. So here it is my first official greeting for Christmas 2008!

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Trying to Keep Imagining!


Alice said...

I can't play this at work, but I'll check it out at home. I loved your last post - 7 random things. And if you ever move to Georgia, you'll already have one friend here!! :)

SgtSudsWife said...

Hey Tracy- Thanks for stopping by the blog. If you want I can help you with putting on a new background. I just learned though. I get mine from Let me know if you find one you like.They do have pretty easy directions on that site too.If you need to I will help you though.

Take care!

Debra W said...

Hi Tracy,

I have been wanting to stop by and say hello ever since I received your very kind comments on my blog. I see that we have quite a few blogging friends in common and your story has really touched my heart. Your family is beautiful. I am so sorry that you have had to endure so much hardship and pain as a result of your husband's terrible injuries. Please know that our family supports any family who has been affected by war and we appreciate your families dedication and service to our country.

I will definitely return to read more about your journey and to offer any prayers and support that I can. Please tell your dear husband that I said thank you for his service and that I will keep him and your entire family close in my prayers.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

LOL love the random things... and I hope you do move to georgia! That would be AWESOME! The card is cute I am having a really hard time getting into the christmas mood!
Hugs LAura

jojo said...

Love the card...maybe it will help me get into the mood. I haven't done a "Christmas" type thing at all yet. Maybe this weekend...then again...;)